An Incredible Evening – Ένα απίστευτο Βράδυ


Tonight has been one of those nights that I will never forget! I’m in Heraklion Crete and happened to pass by this shop and decided to drop in and say hi. The owner has a bicycle shop across the street that initially caught my attention and when I looked across the street I see his Bicycle Cafe. So I decided to drop in and say hello. What an evening is all I can say.

I know the photo I made above is not in “perfect” focus but the photograph I made is perfect for the occasion. I was made to feel like family and the short time I spent in their company made my short stay in Heraklion very special. I did not know much about Crete other than I knew that the country is like where time almost started. I was able to experience the Greek’s awesome hospitality first hand tonight!  The photograph above is all I need to remember this evening as one of the best I’ve had while traveling away from home!

So if you’re a cyclist and heading to Crete please stop in to this bicycle shop and tell them I said hi!:

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