The Iron

One of my regular chores while traveling is ironing my uniform shirt. So why take a photo of an iron? For those of you who have had to use a hotel iron will know happens more frequently than not. One of the first things I do before I use a hotel iron is to make sure someone hasn’t left burnt clothing residue on the bottom. More than one time I’ve forgotten to check and sure enough I’ve got a mess to clean on a perfectly good shirt. My normal procedure is to run the hot iron over a wet wash cloth and activate the steam function a few times to ensure there aren’t any issues. Maybe tomorrow I will talk about hotel in room coffee machines!

One thought

  1. Ah yes, the life of a road warrior. I still use the trick of hanging the shirt in the shower and letting it run until the place is a steam bath, which gets most of the wrinkles out (although not in the most environmentally conscious manner, given how long you need to run the water…)


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