Sonesta Philadelphia | Rittenhouse Square Hotel‎

Sonesta Philadelphia | Rittenhouse Square Hotel‎
Sonesta Philadelphia | Rittenhouse Square Hotel‎
Sonesta Philadelphia | Rittenhouse Square Hotel‎

Wow, it really has been some time since I’ve added anything new here. As I was traveling today, I decided I will be more active on my blog. I haven’t quit making photos. They’re sitting here in my Adobe Lightroom Library just waiting to be shown. So here I am in Philadelphia in another hotel about to begin another rotation on the “job”. But I feel like it’s all “new” this week. Like I’m a new employee. How can that be? I will “celebrate” my 18th here at NetJets next month. I’m experiencing that feeling as I have a new uniform and new suitcase.

My other suitcase was going on 8 years and you can only imagine the “miles” it had on it. I thought I could get a couple more years out of it as that’s kind of when I’m thinking about being done around here. But I said to myself, maybe a new suitcase will help my attitude and help give me little spring to my step. And then there’s the uniform. After a while and so many times to the dry cleaners, your clothes get this shine to them. It’s like overnight and you look at them and realize I can’t go out of the house wearing these again! I’ve go my new digs and a new suitcase with a pretty damn good attitude. No complaints!

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