Lady in the Alley

I had a short layover in Nice, France but had a chance to escape the confines of my hotel room.  I’ve been to Nice before but each time in the past the stay was very short.  My hotel was 2.5 km from the beach area so I put on my comfortable walking shoes and headed out.  The main street leading to the beach, of course, was very busy and very drab.  The weather was overcast so there really wasn’t a suitable sky to help out.  On my way back from the beach I decided to get off the main drag and that’s where scenery improved 100%.

This is just a quick grab shot as I’m still processing the rest of my photos.  I had my Ricoh GRD III with me and this photo is seriously cropped.  I also finished my edits with Nik HDR Efex PRO. Please excuse the detail.  However, what I was after was the mood.  A lovely elderly lady had just finished her morning rounds at the shops and was heading home back up the alley with her little best friend.

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