London – Cristian Sorega “Ricoh” Meetup

Had a fabulous time this evening with a meetup in London at the Blackfriar Pub with Mr. Cristian Sorega.  Cristian was a major influence in my conversion to the Ricoh camera line.  I’ve been following his blog for some time now and finally had a chance to meetup with him.  I missed the “official” Ricoh meetup this past weekend, but then I had an ocean to cross to get here.  Fortunately my work brought me to London for a couple days and we had an awesome chat about our photography and Ricoh camera passion.  BTW, he had his GXR with M Module along and all I can say is way too cool.

Thanks again for a great evening Cristian.  I’ll have a bunch more photos to add later as I’m a bit behind the power curve as they say in my work!

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