Hope everyone is ready for the holidays! I’m still struggling to get through over 2,000 images I captured while on our 8,535 mile road trip. We finally arrived home last Wednesday just in time for Thanksgiving. Fortunately our friend, Joe, invited us over to his place for the big Turkey Day. We already had a 5 pound turkey breast in our freezer so we brought it along as Joe had his turkey fryer set up.

Since I had to go to work on Saturday and the weather here in the mountains of North Carolina has already changed to late fall and early winter temperatures we had to hurriedly winterize our trailer. This meant completely emptying all the water ensuring all the lines were purged and some potable anti-freeze added.

On Thursday morning before heading over to Joe’s my wife asked me to get our Christmas tree setup too. So out to the garage storage area and out of the box the tree came. We haven’t developed a family custom in finding a live tree or a freshly cut one but its very “convenient” to have a fake tree with the lights already attached. Makes our lives much easier.

So I’ve included a couple quick snaps from the this past week. As you can see, Butch our faithful springer spaniel, did not take long in finding his favorite spot on the couch since getting home. We had a challenge finding him room while traveling to get proper exercise as he really enjoys running hard.

My friend Joe enjoys pool and has a nice table. My youngest son has not played before so he got a chance to learn a little bit while enjoying a football game in background and plenty of food too.

Of course I couldn’t resist getting a photo of the view from Joe’s place as the sun set. A nice clear view towards Mount Pisgah.

Pandorf Christmas Tree | Ricoh GXR, Leica 35mm Summicron
Mount Pisgah | Ricoh GXR, Leica 35mm Summicron
Pool Shark | Ricoh GXR, Leica 35mm Summicron
My Sweetheart | Ricoh GXR, Leica 35mm Summicron

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