Blogging 101 / Photography 101 – Day 1


To help jumpstart my blogging I’ve registered to participate this month in WordPress’s March Blogging 101 & Photography 101 exercises. I’m counting on getting support from others that will help me stay motivated this month to spend more time writing and photographing.

Somehow, I’ve gotten in to a bit of a rut and haven’t felt like putting in the time to post on a regular basis.  I do enjoy photographing but I get stuck often not knowing what to put onto “paper” per se. Now with the help of others maybe I can overcome some of my procrastination and get back to writing and shooting.

A suggestion from the (photo admin) was to maybe start at “home”. Well I’m not at home as you can see in the photograph above.  And since I’m not always home and on the road frequently as I am right now.  Why not post another one of those “hotel” photographs I sometimes do.  I was in Collinsville, Illinois (never been here before) now on my way to West Palm Beach.  I’m writing this while on a Delta flight from St. Louis to Atlanta then on to West Palm.  But since its a photo/blog per day the quality may not be up to what I consider quality. That’s one of my fears when posting is that the “quality” of my work is not on par with everyone else. Its a mental block I’ve created. I’m afraid my photographs will look like just another snap shot.

For that matter, when I make a photo with my phone I have to make changes to it before I will let anyone see them. So this month is tear down the walls of procrastination, kick fear of the unknown in the ass, and start having fun again writing a little bit about my travels on the road.

Stay tuned and you’re welcome to comment as I renew my efforts here.

24 thoughts on “Blogging 101 / Photography 101 – Day 1

  1. I love the play on shadows through your B&W photos. Although these maybe simple snapshots of your recent travels, they are well composed. Never fear making a sub-par photo once in a while. This ain’t one. Your fears will just cripple you if you allow self-censorship to happen too often.

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  2. Photographs of hotel rooms aren’t easy; and there is a feel of coziness that one might expect of home. I don’t know if it’s the B&W or the lighting but it’s soft and relaxing. Good one. Hope you had a safe flight 😉 .


  3. Love your hotel shots. Staying in hotels three nights the week I know what talking about. And your shots often hit the nail.
    Go on, like also your words. If you fly like you take pics, you are a fantastic pilot. 😉


  4. St. Louis – that is my neck of the woods! If you ever have a stop over of more than a couple of hours let me know, we’ll grab a beer and talk cameras. I know the quality of my work is not on the same level as many of the blogs we frequent (Mark and Peter come to mind). But, in the end I’ve come to realize that I can either a) never take/share another photo again, or b) just continue to shoot because I enjoy it. In the end, in my opinion, as long as your images make you personally happy is all that matters.


    1. JK I really wish I knew St Louis was your stomping grounds! Sorry I missed you. Trust me, If your mixing your own chemicals and creating anything that’s not digital you’re way ahead of me that trust has to click and copy!


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