An Autumn Color Day


10 thoughts on “An Autumn Color Day

      1. I hear ya Don. You’re doing God’s work though and wish I could get back to Philly soon. House sold last month, now living in a cracker box but its time to downsize as one really doesn’t need much. Just a warm cot, a couple warm meals a day and of course a camera to capture one’s view.


    1. Hi JK, I haven’t really moved on to the M240, yet. My M-E is at the shop getting the new sensor. I’ve needed to send in for over a year and couldn’t stand not being without a camera. Before sending it in I asked Leica NJ for a loaner and they obliged. I was also offered the upgrade price to the M240, M-P and even the M246. My wife likes the files from the CCD M-E and I declined the upgrade. So I have the M240 to play with for another couple weeks.


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