Las Vegas – Oakland

San Mateo Bridge

Its been a crazy few days as the New Year’s weekend comes to an end. If you had to travel the last couple days then you know how challenging its been. All the airline flights are completely full. Weather delays and maintenance issues. And the most popular locations insanely crowded.

Yesterday trying to depart from the Eagle Airport in Central Colorado was a perfect example. Back on the day after Christmas I was in Nassau and it took me one and a half hours from engine start before I took off due to aircraft traffic. Unbelievable.

So today I thought I’d be in Las Vegas as the airplane I was flying yesterday required some maintenance work completed before we could fly it again. But as I woke I found a new travel itinerary on my smart phone. Airline on Virgin America from Las Vegas to San Fransisco and a limo ride from there to the Oakland airport. From Oakland we were tasked with flying to Sun Valley to pick up some owners and bring them back to Oakland.

Unfortunately we had some maintenance issues and were not able to complete the trip. I started my day at 0800 and if we’d completed the day as scheduled it would have been close to a 14 hour day. I was only going to have around 10 hours rest before flying two more airline legs to Minneapolis to crew another airplane tomorrow.

I made the above photograph while crossing the San Mateo bridge from the back seat of the limo on our way to the Oakland Airport.

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