Through the Curtains

Through the Curtains

I had a surprising pleasant day here in Minneapolis. I thought for sure my day would be crazy busy. I awoke to see some light beginning to stray between my blinds. I really wasn’t ready to pull the covers back to look to see how the day was going to be but something in the back of my mind said to. So I took a quick peek and whoa the sun had already crested the horizon. Before retiring last night to bed I had no idea which direction my hotel window was facing. I initially panicked looking for my camera. After a quick check I realized I’d left the sim card in my computer after downloading my photos from the night before. Hopefully by the time I get the camera reset and the sim card inserted I wouldn’t miss the light.

I used the soft blinds to play with the light. I made some photos shot at infinity concentrating on the sun and some others focused on the opaque blinds. I even had time to change lenses to get another series of shots to experiment with the light.

Then I turned around and this wonderful light streaming into the room presents me with this scene of the ruffled bed covers.

But there’s something missing….Something very important missing….and its that special lady in my life that I’m missing that should be here with me enjoying this too.

2 thoughts on “Through the Curtains

    1. Well I don’t have it so bad. It’s just that I’m gone for normally 7 days and can be any where in the world. I’m on my way home today and the sweetheart and I are going to spend the night in Asheville. Great places to eat and cool pubs!

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