A Blue Sky Day

I was surprised I got a good night sleep here in the mountains last night. I find it hard to sleep my first night at the higher elevations. I’m sure it’s not only due to the elevation but the lack of humidity too. Years ago I got altitude sickness on a long weekend ski trip from San Diego to Southern Utah. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. When I got out of the car it felt like I had instantly came down with the flu. This didn’t happen last night. I missed the early light this morning but grabbed this photo looking out my hotel window.

Hawthorn Suites Hotel View

As the title says this was an awesome “Blue Sky Day” to fly.

Eagle Colorado Airport

It did get cold overnight. The temps got down below 10 degrees F. When I checked my phone’s weather app before leaving the hotel, it said it was 10 degrees with a real feel of 19. How does that work?

Frost on the Window

There was a bit of frost on the wings of the jet and we had to do a quick de-ice procedure before leaving Eagle, Colorado. We also had to wait for a slot time for our arrival into Phoenix. Must be a lot of people heading in that direction for the Christmas Holiday next week. Even after waiting to depart and while airborne we were asked to slow way down and the controller even gave us some turns to keep our sequence for our arrival into Phoenix.

Looking out towards downtown Phoenix

From Phoenix we made the short flight to Las Vegas. Flying from the south allowed us a view of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.

Lake Mead in the distance
Hoover Dam

Once we put the jet to “bed” we requested a Lyft ride to the hotel. Since we have a very early flight in the morning I decided not to venture out from the hotel this evening but grabbed a couple shots on the way there.

Lyft driver’s Wrestler Bobblehead
Renaissance Hotel room

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