It’s been a while since I’ve taken my camera on the road with me. Life on the road has been crazy busy for many months and some weeks while traveling there’s not enough time to leave the hotel. Or, the location I’m staying overnight is not conducive to walking/sightseeing. In other words, the camera has been left at home and been neglected. This week I decided to change that do what I can to explore the surroundings I find myself.

I ended day one of this rotation here in Sacramento, California. I’m staying in a hotel across the street from the capital and sorry to say the appearance of the area is not attractive. There’s construction fences erected along with security fences to limit the homeless that are scattered about from causing trouble.

I left the hotel after a quick dinner, grabbed the camera and headed out to see what I could do. What follows is a gallery of photographs I made within a couple blocks from the hotel where I’m staying. Plus a quick shot while being dropped off at the airport early this morning back at home.

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