A Day in Buenos Aires (Part 3) Monochrome


I really enjoy viewing older church architecture and especially can’t wait to see the interior if the church is open. Of course the challenge is what’s the quality of the light and whether one is even permitted to take photographs inside. Along my 4 hour walk I passed by several churches and ventured to all that were accessible. It was a quiet relief getting some time away from the midday traffic on the street. Of course the mood inside can be solemn or meditative as I feel when I am in such a place. I take some time to be ponder who all has been here, the lives they’ve lived. Its a time to appreciate the life I have and a moment to reflect.


I’m shooting wide open here at f/1.4. My over 35mm Leica Summilux can be a bit soft as this aperture and that is demonstrated above with the glow of the lights.



The second church I visited was in need of serious repair. They had placed a net across the ceiling to prevent debris from falling on the parishioners. Even so you could see the delicate detail that was still in place. While sitting toward the rear of the church appreciating the architecture a lone parishioner walked in. It seemed we were the only two here. I could see she had a real purpose in her visit and I watched as she went straight to the front of the church and sat down.


I made sure to set my Leica M-E’s shutter Advance to “Discreet” ensuring the shutter actuation would not cause any annoyance before pressing the shutter to make the photograph above. I felt it important to remember how special a place this is for believers in Christ. A place away from the hussle and bustle. A place of security and serenity.



2 thoughts on “A Day in Buenos Aires (Part 3) Monochrome

  1. Nice photos Duane. I get a feeling of wanting to be there for the experience.

    As for the 35 Lux…. There exist no other lens that captures with the glow and warmth. Again, lucky you have it and even more that you have the sensitivity to appreciate it.


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