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Sunrise & Sunset @ The Teraport



I was very surprised at the great sunrises and sunsets we had while staying at the Airstream Factory RV parking area called the Teraport. I was asked by Michael Whitehurst if I do much post processing with my images. Normally I do not do much but there are times when I enjoy letting my imagination get the best of me and I sometimes let loose with whatever I like. I could care less if they may be a little out there but at times I need that extra push to the right with some of the sliders in Lightroom to make my day.

Las Vegas

Statue of Liberty - Las Vegas

Statue of Liberty – Las Vegas | Leica M-E, Leica Summilux-M 35mm f1.4 pre-ASPH

Been a busy week on the road the last few days and haven’t taken any time to really enjoy a few of the photographs I’ve made. On Monday I traveled via Delta Airlines from home to Las Vegas to begin my work week. I captured the above image from the window of my cab ride as I was going to my hotel.


Welcome to Las Vegas | Leica M-E, Leica Summilux-M 35mm pre-ASPH

Of course I had to capture the obligatory photo upon arriving to the airport.

Escalator Ride

Escalator Ride | Leica M-E, Leica Summilux-M pre-ASPH

After passing under the “Welcome to Las Vegas” arch you have to walk to the airport transit to get to baggage claim. The escalator down is quite long and opens into a very large room.


The following photographs I tried capturing my ride on the transit rail to baggage claim.




Hanging with my son at The Phoenix

20140601-204525-©DuaneLPandorf-L1026242Hanging with my son | Leica M-E, Leica Summilux-M 35mm pre-ASPH

After finishing our bike ride my son and I headed over to The Phoenix for bite to eat.  We missed the Sunday Brunch Blues session but did enjoy a mostly quiet early dinner.