A Week in Savannah


I’ve been here in Savannah for my semi-annual recurrent training and haven’t been out shooting enough this week do to my schedule.  However, I did manage to get in a couple hour walk the other day.  The weather here hasn’t been terrific but its now snowing so I shouldn’t have anything to complain about.

The Hotel View

I normally stay in the Hyatt Regency Hotel down on the waterfront but there must not have been rooms available. So I’ve been in the Courtyard Marriott this week. A place I haven’t stayed before while attending training. I’ve been coming to Savannah for recurrent training since 1995.

Sushi Zen

First night here a group of us went to the Sushi Zen restaurant and enjoyed a great meal.

Then of course there’s the Crystal Beer Parlor that I hadn’t been to before either. In fact, I ate there two of the evenings I’ve been here this past week.

Crystal Beer Parlor


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