Is this place really “Open”?


Been kinda feeling like a few of the characters that are drawn on this window of our favorite pet store. We stopped by the other day to buy more food for our pooch. As I was sitting in the car I decided to make a photograph out the front windshield.

Its been too long since I’ve posted anything. Like I said above been feeling a little bit like some of the above characters. Not sure if I’ve really been open and then you have what looks like two that are trying to run away. Yet one is trying to snooze and the last one is just trying to get my attention.

Sometimes I guess we get in a rut and find it challenging to pull oneself up out of it. Then, of course, find the means to dust yourself off and realize, you know what’s the big deal? I sometimes feel guilty that I haven’t posted anything for a few days yet I’m still making photographs most everyday. My camera is always with me.

One thought on “Is this place really “Open”?

  1. No need to feel guilty, especially if when you do get round to posting it’s colourful, a little quirky and thought provoking like this one! If blogging isn’t fun, it isn’t blogging!


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