Miami Departure

I left Miami, Florida Wednesday and got home a day early from this past work rotation. Hard to complain about that. After returning from my visit to the Leica Miami Boutique store and demoing the Leica M10, the Hilton Miami Hotel General Manager invited us Hilton Diamond members to a GM get together at the hotel bar lobby.

Was a nice surprise to meet some new people and very tasty snacks and complimentary cocktails.

I also wanted to share another photograph I made while at the Leica store. Since I don’t live near a Leica store one can only guess how Leica lenses you don’t own work on your camera. Of course, you have the internet to look at others photographs made with a lens you may be interested in but it’s still not the same as the physical experience.

Since I was there I asked to see the Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens on my Leica M-E. It is a very big lens compared to other Leica lenses. But wow!

Tuesday afternoon’s weather was terrific and I should have spent a little more time out around the pool to enjoy the warm temps before heading back to the mountains here in North Carolina.

Just another gate to hang around as one waits to board.

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