Steep Canyon Rangers | 12/9/2011 Brevard, NC

I really wish I had posted this last month soon after my wife and I saw them in concert but I’m going to now. At the end of November in a previous post, I mentioned my wife would be attending their December 9th concert.

We did and it was a wonderful experience being held at the The Porter Music Center at Brevard College here in town where we live. The center only seats around 700 or so and we happened to get tickets for the front row right side of the theater! I was able to get some shots during the concert without interfering with others in the audience but then these were taken from the far right of the stage. Plus not knowing if I’d be allowed to have a camera I only brought my Ricoh GXR and 28mm lens. I had to do some cropping and of course the there was not much light to work with.

But here are a couple from that night:

3 thoughts on “Steep Canyon Rangers | 12/9/2011 Brevard, NC

  1. Hello from Spain and Happy New Year. Thanks for such good pictures, we are preparing to launch the website of our cultural association (nonprofit) and in it we want to highlight the Ricoh GXR, we would like to know if we could use some of your images to illustrate the story as a example (with technical data) and the music video, if this was done also with the Ricoh camera. Obviously would place the credit of authorship and copyright images.

    A hug,
    Miguel Hidalgo

    Note. You can view the page of the association (is unfinished and the contents are false) to give you an idea of ​​what we are. The actual page will be ready in late January 2012


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