Day 33 | 2012

We had a beautiful day here in the mountains and was able to get a few things done outside that I’ve been putting off, like vacuuming the car. Butch was a willing model today for my first shots with my Ricoh GXR A12 Mount and a LEICA SUMMICRON-C 40mm f/2 lens. I’m new to manual focus lenses and took a little bit of time practicing today with the kit.

Butch | Ricoh GXR, Leica Summicron-M 40mm f/2.0, ISO 200, F/2.0, 1/250

2 thoughts on “Day 33 | 2012

  1. Lovely image. Excellent balance of space, line, and harmony of colour. A wonderful sense of time, place and mood have been established in this composition.


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