Leica M-E | The Unboxing

I’ve been shooting with a Ricoh GXR-M and Leica lens for almost a year.  Prior to this I had heard of Leica but I did not know much more than that about their cameras.  For the past year I’ve really enjoyed shooting with Leica glass and I’ve dreamed about owning a Leica M body.  I didn’t think it was possible and the price tag is prohibitive to many.  A few reasons that has drawn me to the Leica M is its know durability, full frame sensor and compact size.

This past Friday my wife picked me up at the airport upon my return from a week at work flying.  Depending on what time I land at the Asheville Airport, we try to grab a bite to eat at one of our local restaurants in Brevard. This gives a chance to catch up before getting home.

Last Friday was a lot different than previous times as our conversation centered upon my photography and where I’d like to go with my hobby.  This led our conversation to my desire to acquire a Leica M, specifically the Leica M-E.  She agreed with my decision and today I received my first Leica camera, the Leica M-E and the video below is the “unboxing”!

12 thoughts on “Leica M-E | The Unboxing

  1. It just arrived today, Duane! I’ve been playing round with it, trying to get the hang of rangefinder focusing (it’s my first rangefinder camera – I’m a relative newbie). I’ve got a 50mm summicron and a 50mm nokton 1.5 for the moment. Funds are now somewhat depleted, but I may look for a second-hand 90mm Elmarit on ebay…
    I really like many of your photos on this blog!


    1. Way cool Patrick!!!! Thank you for the nice complement! One of the things that has helped me with my manual focusing is before bringing the camera to my eye I know what I want in focus. I’m still practicing this but, what I try to do is a quick estimate as to how far away that point is. I then quickly pre-focus the lens before bringing it to my eye. Then once at my eye its a small adjustment to fine tune the focus. I spend a bit of time while I’m traveling in my hotel room and stuff practicing.

      I really do recommend reading through Thorsten Overgaard’s Longterm Leica M9 running review for some great pointers. http://www.overgaard.dk/leica-M9-digital-rangefinder-camera.html


      1. Thanks for the pointers, Duane!
        Yes, I’ve been reading through Thorsten Overgaard’s website and his m9 review in particular. I love what he does with the m9.
        I will try the pre-focusing as you suggested. I’ve been a bit apprehensive about rangefinder focusing – from what I’ve read, some people can find it frustrating. I can see much practice is necessary, but I’ve certainly enjoyed playing around today… Ive been heartened to see that it’s not impossible at all with a bit of care to get good focus with the nokton 1.5 wide open..


  2. Hi Duane,
    I decided to finally get a digital Leica, however I can’t decide between the M (typ240) or the M9(P)/M-E.
    It’s a dificult decision, specially with some influent people (e.g. Peter) with a clear preference for the M9 and the price difference between the 2 models.

    Are you still satisfied with your M-E? Do you have plans to replace it for the M (typ240)?




    1. Hi Leonardo. I’m still very happy with my M-E. Having said that I think I’d be happy with the new M too. When I bought my M-E over a year ago the new M was not available.

      If you live near a store where you can handle both I would take your own SD card and take photos with both with the same lens. Then see how you like the images from both.

      The primary advantage I see, for me, between the two is the new M’s higher ISO ability. But there is something about the way the M9/M-E CCD draws.

      If money was no object I wouldn’t mind shooting with the Monochrom!


      1. The monochrome is a unique camera and I would love to have one, I think this camera is perfect if you already own a Leica M (digital).
        The new M seems to be a flexible choice when compared to the other available bodies, if I have to make this investment once, this may be a good choice despite of the higher price.

        I will follow your advice and test both cameras before my decision. However, something tells me that the new M will be my next Leica 🙂


        1. Can’t argue with your decision one way or other. If this is your first rangefinder don’t feel frustrated with focusing system. It took me a month or so to get comfortable and more time than that to be confident in my results!


  3. Great !!! Your excitement is clear to see in the video, building all the time.

    I know exactly how you feel as I have an M-E arriving (hopefully) tomorrow.

    It will be the 8th Leica I’ve owned, both film and digital. The M-E and M9 has always been the holy grail for me and a dream I can now finally realise (and afford).




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