Leica M-E | Kodachrome Look

In my quest to purchase my first Leica M digital body, I kept seeing references to Kodak’s Kodachrome film.  Kodachrome has an amazing history and many are sad that its gone, no longer made and even if you still had a roll to shoot there’s no way to get it developed today.

Those that aren’t familiar with the digital Leica M’s development may not know that Leica came to Kodak to help them with their full-frame sensor, the KODAK KAF-18500 Image Sensor.  So it’s not surprising that the out of camera Leica “Look” is very similar to Kodachrome.

Below is a Youtube video describing the last days of Kodachrome:

As I continue to learn how to use my Leica I am working on how I like my images to look after post processing.  Actually very little is really needed with the file that comes out of the camera but I feel the nostalgic look of Kodachrome is apropos.

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