Wall Paper – Remodeling

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has “issues” with wall paper. But I really do have issues with It. I think wall paper s%*ks. Especially when it hasn’t been properly applied.

The weather is rainy today as a cold front is rolling through and since I have a couple rooms I’m trying to finish remodeling the bad weather has made it easier to justify my time inside.

The bathroom is not very large but it has become a major project in that the wall paper just did not want to come off. I spent two and a half days scoring, soaking, and scraping. Maybe that should be the new wallpaper motto for me: the three S’s. I even had to re-mud a good portion of the room as I still ended up pulling the dry wall paper off in places. Today was spent sanding in preparation for primer and paint.

I was hoping I’d start applying the paint this afternoon but it looks that will have to wait till tomorrow.

So here are a couple shots straight out of my Leica M-E using a 4 gig Eye-Fi card and my iPhone.





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