Glass Blowing | Green Energy Park, Dillsboro NC

Glory Hole | Leica M-E, Leica Elmarit-M 90mm f/2.8
Glory Hole | Leica M-E, Leica Elmarit-M 90mm f/2.8

Had a great weekend at the Green Energy Park as my son spent the weekend there blacksmithing.  They also offer glass blowing classes and I was able to capture a few images while a student was learning how to make a glass goblet by her instructor Aaron Shufelt.

Please check out the website link above as the facility is pretty incredible in what they have to offer.  The following description from their website helps explain why this facility is so unique in what they have to offer to the artist:

The Jackson County Green Energy Park(JCGEP) utilizes clean, renewable energy resources to encourage economic development, provide environmental protection, and offer educational opportunities that together will help lead towards a more sustainable future for Western North Carolina. Located in Dillsboro, NC, JCGEP captures methane gas from the old town landfill, then uses the gas as fuel for a series of artisan studios, greenhouses and other ventures.

They offer the following features:


Glass – The Glass Studio is one of the only hot shops in the world utilizing landfill methane gas as a fuel. Glass Studio space is available for rent.

Blacksmithing / Metals — The Metals Shop features the first blacksmith forges and art foundry ever fired on landfill gas. Metals Shop facilities and equipment are available for rent.

Ceramics – Our Anagama Kiln is modeled on ancient Japanese designs. The 100ft3 kiln is fired using wood and waste vegetable oil as fuels. The kiln is available for public firings several times throughout the year.

Greenhouse – The Coy Melton Memorial Greenhouses are heated with a dual-fuel boiler that runs on methane gas from the landfill, with biodiesel as the backup fuel source.

Gallery – The Art Gallery showcases the exquisite work created by our artists using renewable energy.

Sculpture Garden – The Sculpture Garden features work by the winners of the GEP sculpture competitions, along with other pieces by local artists. The GEP is proud to provide a place for artists to showcase their exceptional talents in sculpture creation.

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