Austin – Sun Valley


I finished yesterday in Austin, Texas where I got to stay at one of my favorite airport hotels, the Hilton Austin Airport.  This is a view from the lobby looking into the middle of the hotel.


Once out at the Austin Airport I had a chance to relax in the “Crew Lounge”.  Atlantic Aviation in Austin has a great facility and they help you feel like your at home.


Once on our way to Sun Valley we had to go around this huge thunderstorm that was hammering the Denver area.  I was beginning to feel sorry for all of the United flight passengers who were going to be late for their connections as several of the flights were being given holding instructions as we passed overhead at 47,000′.


Upon arrival to our destination I had to grab a shot of Atlantic Aviation’s Indian Mascot.  A beautiful wood statue.  The light did not work out well for a color photograph however.


In our hotel parking lot was a big group of bikes.  Must be part of a group ride and passing through.

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