Hotel “Shuttle”

Riding “Shotgun” in the left seat – Dublin, Ireland

Once the trip is finished or you’re just starting the day, there’s always the logistics issue of “wheels”. How do we get to the hotel or back to the airport.

“S” Class Mercedes S350

In Dublin we arranged a pickup through our handler. What showed up was an “S” Class Mercedes. Not a bad ride!

Hotel Shuttle
Hotel Shuttle

Then there’s the hotel shuttle service. They mostly run on a set schedule as most of you know who travel frequently. Sometimes the schedule meets your needs but most of the time they don’t. I guess I mean if you’d like to sleep in for a couple extra minutes or for me it seems I have to leave the hotel about the time the restaurant is opening for breakfast.

Limo Service

And finally we sometimes travel by private limo or taxi service. This was our ride from the airport to the hotel in the Los Angeles area yesterday late afternoon.

Yes you read that correctly, after flying back to New York from Ireland we then flew a trip from the NY area to Southern California. I’m now already awake and leaving the hotel this morning to catch a limo to the Los Angeles airport to fly on a commercial flight back home.

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