A Visit to the Veterinary

Butch | Leica M-E, Leica Summilux-M 35mm ASPH.

My son, Karl, and I had to take Butch, our Springer Spaniel, to the vet today. He’s had a small lump on his back that we’ve been monitoring for a while. We’d recently made a visit and were briefed on different options to deal with the problem. However, Butch decided to take matters in his own hands so to speak and worked on the lump over the weekend.

At almost 10 years old he still seems like a pup to those who don’t know. Our vet has been caring for Butch since we brought home and enjoys seeing him even though when we do there issues to work out. The vet room has a pull down table and as soon as its down Butch will leap up on it.

The vet and his tech are shaving and inspecting his wound and Butch was an excellent patient as he always is. The vet apparently keeps his distance from most of the dogs that come in but he has no issues getting up close to Butch. In fact, Butch is very friendly with the Doc and does all he can to keep his attention.

Of course, Butch will also be wearing the “Cone of Shame” for a couple weeks until the wound heals.

The “Cone of Shame”

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