A Visit with Thorsten von Overgaard

Thorsten von Overgaard

I had the pleasure of meeting Thorsten Overgaard today while on a layover here in Los Angeles. I guess you could say it was a Christmas gift to me. Having the opportunity to sit down one on one with Thorsten would not be any different than having a chance to speak one on one with Michael Schumacher of Ferrari and Formula One fame. That’s how I relate Thorsten to the Leica camera.

Through his work and experience telling about his use of the M9 and now Leica’s latest M camera, the M240, helped a great deal in my decision to buy my camera two years ago this month. I’m also interested in attending one of his workshops but invariably my work schedule has not allowed me to attend one yet.

It just happened this week on the road that I would have a layover here in Los Angeles. I follow Thorsten on Facebook and remembered he was conducting one of his workshops in Santa Barbara. I noticed he was now in Los Angeles so I reached out and wished he and his family a Happy Holiday and mentioned I was in LA. He invited me by where he was staying in town if I could get away and I took him up on his offer.

We spent a couple hours just talking, getting to know one another. He made me feel comfortable right away and our discussions covered many topics, not just Leica cameras and photography. As I said, this turned out to be a special day for me, especially being away from my family on Christmas day.

Thank you again Thorsten for giving me a few minutes of your valuable time today!

4 thoughts on “A Visit with Thorsten von Overgaard

  1. Very cool Duane. Are you going to post any of your work from the Steve Huff Workshop? That seemed like a very neat trip, I’ve always wanted to go to that part of the country. Hope all is well!


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