Antigua – Anguilla – New York

Antigua Airport

Its been an interesting work week so far.  It took us two days to get to Anguilla where the aircraft I’m assigned to was located.  The sun was setting as I boarded my flight in Antigua to Anguilla as my flight from Miami to Antigua was delayed for almost 3 hours due to a mechanical issue.  That flight was one of my worst ever on the airlines.  I can’t quite put my finger on the exact reason but I’d say a lot would have to do with the who the passengers were.  I sat next to a lady that summoned the flight attendant more times than I can count.  The trip was all about her.

Paradis Cove Pool

Once in Anguilla I had a room at the Paradise Cove Resort.  The resort was deserted as I felt like the only one there.  I headed down to the bar next to the pool to enjoy a late dinner and there happened to be one gentleman there.  My other crew members soon joined us and we had a wonderful evening telling stories.

Seafoam Green Decor
Seafoam Green Decor

The next morning I spend relaxing on my front porch overlooking the center area of the resort.  It was quiet and I took the time to write a couple pages in my journal.





Had a great lunch on the patio before I had to leave for New York.  As you can see the place was not busy at all.  The service was great and it was nice to be able to sleep in and enjoy the facility for once.

Anguilla Airport
Anguilla Airport

There’s only 14,000 residents on the island and the size of the airport reflects this population number. The aircraft I was assigned to crew was flying in from South America and was running a couple hours late. Once we got going I was able to watch another wonderful sunset unfold.



2 thoughts on “Antigua – Anguilla – New York

  1. Great photos! Brings back a lot of memories to me as I have been to Anguilla 10 years ago (from NYC via San Juan). I stayed in La Sirena now Anacaona. Lovely and relaxing island, have to go there someday again.


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