Bliss? -Day 4 (Photo101/Blogging101)

My "blissful" morning in Teterboro!
My “blissful” morning in Teterboro!

Today’s Photo101 suggestion to help in ideas to photograph is to find something that reminds you of “bliss”. Since my blog deals mostly with my travels and thoughts along the way and this being the view out my window this morning, I’m not feeling real “bliss” right now. Especially as today is my travel day home! Someone teleport me back to Los Cabos! Then we can talk a little more about being “blissful”!

4 thoughts on “Bliss? -Day 4 (Photo101/Blogging101)

  1. I was just reading Rachel’s “Bliss” post and thought maybe this scene could be blissful in a sense.
    At least from my point of view, it could be a scene of serenity and calm – a little “heaven”, if you will.
    But I definitely understand how it is to really be there and experience that. I haven’t stepped out of my apartment in days because of winter. Hah.

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  2. Did you add new photos? Or did I miss them in the beginning?
    Nevertheless, I love the view from the car. I don’t know what it is with blurred lines, but I love that kind of photography where parts of the picture are out-of-focus.


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