A View out my “Balcony”


I’m day 5 into my work week after spending a few days enjoying the sun and sand in St. Augustine last week. I was fortunate to catch the sunset this evening as I had just walked into my hotel room overlooking the San Diego Marina. My work week has taken from home to Springfield, Massachusetts to Houston, Texas. Then down the “road” to San Antonio and back to Houston. Yesterday it was Houston to San Diego (call it an easy day). And today we flew from here to Los Angeles then on to Oakland and now back here to San Diego.

San Diego was home for me and my family for almost seven years in the 90s. I can say I miss this place. When people ask me where the best weather is around the many places I’ve been in the world my first response is here, San Diego. Cape Town, South Africa would be another choice. But San Diego the number one for just the best weather man could ask for, IMO.

But that leads me to my thoughts about my photography and not posting all week. I’ve been spending the last few evenings on the road thinking about where my photography is going. Or, I should say, I’m reevaluating how much time I’ve been spending on the computer working on my photography. There is a difference.

The camera of course is just a tool. And I really enjoy using the tool I have. I’ve made a connection with it over the past two years that it may be difficult for most to understand. But its a relationship that gives me great joy and has become second nature as I bring the viewfinder up to my eye as I press the shutter. I just wish I didn’t have to spend “precious” time afterwards on the computer. Maybe I’m just too particular how I make the final edits.

So where is this conversation going? ….. Not sure yet…..

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