Colors in Constrast


I’m still not sure about this photograph. I came out of my hotel this morning to get a breath of the cool morning air as I waited for my Uber ride back to the airport. I thought I’d take a seat on one of the chairs outside but my inner self remembering I’d just read somewhere that extended sitting is not healthy. So I turned around and this view drew my attention away from feeling guilty about relaxing in the chair. There was just something that made me make this photograph. I still can’t quite wrap my brain around the reason but I’m sure it has something to do with the right side of my brain, you know, the side that seems to override the left artistic side about why an image is relevant.

The best I can describe in my own imagination now is that the contrast in colors and shadow along with the matching columns between the hotel and house in the background seemed to make this work for me. I mean I stood there for what seemed forever to make this capture without including the many vehicles that kept driving by. Yet I guess you’d have to have been there with me as I might have been able to describe it better as I was pressing the shutter.

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