Too Many Time Zones


I’m sitting here in the Newark International Airport on my way home via United Airlines. Yesterday I spent the day in recovery from a quick out and back from the states to the London, UK area. Its not that its such a long flight, but I’ve crossed the Atlantic more times than I want to count over the past month or so.

Upon arrival back to our hotel here in the states it was interesting that we were the only soles in the club. So service was not an issue and after only one beer it was time to hit the sack.

While in the hotel yesterday I finally got through many photos I haven’t processed that have been sitting on my desktop for the past few months. Its interesting how one goes through the ups and downs in maintaining an active site and sometimes feeling guilty about not posting this or that.

Its crossed my mind a couple times what is the meaning of all these images sitting on my computer? Who is really interested in seeing this “stuff”. I guess I can say this blog is almost like my public journal on my travels and I can feel good that I do have a place to share my experiences while out on the road.

So as my body says to self: “Last call dude!”


4 thoughts on “Too Many Time Zones

  1. Duane, It’s not everybody that has the initiative to share their life and experiences. When someone does, it’s interesting to see and more then a few feel as I do. Just because a person doesn’t post a comment does not mean they don’t get stuff from you. I do and I’m sure many others do to.

    The ones who read are don’t post, well they are the Silent Majority and they make not speak much but they sure get it…..


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