Airstream Service Center

I’m at the Airstream Service Center with my son Derek. Its been three years since we’ve traveled in our Airstream and like anything mechanical they need to be exercised regularly. Our 34′ Classic is 15 years old and we need to have some windows resealed as we have a couple water leaks. Its no fun having any water leaks. While here we’ll have some other odds and ends serviced and fixed.

Airstream uses a unique independent suspension system that is contained within an axle tube. The simple compact design gives unparalleled performance compared with other suspension systems.  However, it does require an occasional alignment adjustment and its best that while I’m here at the Airstream factory I have it done. We plan on traveling more frequently in the near future and would like our travels to go as smooth as possible.

So while our baby is in the shop here are a few views from the service center waiting area.

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