Hotel Duty

Columbus Nationwide Building

One of the interesting aspects of my job is you never know where I’ll be during my work rotation. I do have a regular schedule for the days I work but where I go during those days is a mystery until the night before. And then that can change before morning arrives. I’ve been traveling to work via an airline and about to board my connecting flight and the company calls and asks, “Have you boarded yet and do you have your bags? If so don’t board that flight as we’re booking on a different flight to a new destination.”

Sometimes you don’t have to go anywhere as you’re babysitting a broke jet and you’re on standby until the repairs are made. Well that’s the case this week as I’m still here in Columbus waiting for our jet to be finished. Normally the downtime is not this long but unfortunately our aircraft has a major system component fail and once the replacement is made there are several additional maintenance functions that have to be completed before she’s ready to fly.

So I’ve been able to catch up on some reading I’ve put off. Plus I’ve been able to research some macro photography options that I’d like to pursue with my existing camera equipment and look forward to a new “device” that I’ve ordered. I hope to share some of this work later next week after getting home from my week of work.

Until then some more views from one stuck in a hotel room where while on duty one can’t venture too far away if the call comes to go fly.


My awesome breakfast view while eating at the next door Max & Erma’s!


For the dinner my crew and I ventured a block away to the 89 Fish & Grill.

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