The Mellow Mushroom – West Palm Beach, FL

Mellow Mushroom

Long time no see around here as I’ve been staying busy with family and work. More work it seems. Sometimes I wonder why I even pack any other clothes than my uniform as I’ve been doing a lot of flying.

I happened to have a quick moment in West Palm Beach the other day. A good friend from my Navy days lives here and I buzzed him when I got to my hotel room at the new Hilton City Place. He surprised me as he was just finishing working out near the hotel and said he could meet me at the Mellow Mushroom. I was looking at the view through my window and right across the street was the place. I hurriedly changed clothes and headed over.

I grabbed this photo as I was waiting for him. He arrived a few moments later. He ordered a beer and I just a club soda. We hadn’t sat down for more than 5 minutes and my company phone went off. Unbelievable. They needed us to head back out to the airport and get the airplane down to Fort Lauderdale for another crew who’s jet had had a mechanical issue.

Oh well, the trials and tribulations of my line of work.

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