It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here. For that matter, the camera hasn’t seen much daylight either as I haven’t carried it with me since returning to work. I’ve pretty much fully recovered from my hip replacement surgery and have been back to work since the beginning of April.

As I packed to leave today for work, is I decided it was time again to bring my camera along. Its amazing how one can get out of a routine and that’s happened with my photography. What better way to get started again as I’m in the city near where I was born and lived till leaving for the Marine Corps over 37 years ago.

While checking in at the hotel I’m staying I asked the hotel staff if there was an easy to access observation area to photograph from. Pretty cool that the hotel is right next to the Carew Tower and Observation Deck. I only had a few minutes on the observation deck as it closed at 6pm but was able to make a few photos.

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