Empty Chairs

As I was walking through the lobby of the hotel I was staying yesterday this scene grabbed my attention.

What do you see in this scene?

Of course there are two “empty” chairs along with a table and on it a plant arrangement. Then there’s the carpet with different pattern formed compared to the lines across the table and chairs.

But what do you see?

I see two chairs where one could be where my mother is sitting and me next to her in a conversation enjoying the afternoon light. But I lost her a couple weeks ago. I was there when she left us.

I’m glad I moved back home a few months ago. I lived away from home for almost 40 years. My wonderful wife helped talked me into moving back.  Not necessarily a permanent move but a chance to be near family for a while. I’m grateful I listened to my best friend and spouse. We have so much to do yet in this life so no more wasting any more time.

4 thoughts on “Empty Chairs

  1. Hi Duane,
    While reading the beginning of your text I was thinking about composition, the black background of the photo that grabbed my attention and other things with no clue of what this photo means to you.
    What I see now: The importance of the small things in life.


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