Visit to “A Man’s Place”

A Man’s Place

When I moved back to where I grew up, being a “man”, I decided to find a barbershop to have my hair cut. I decided to try this place, “A Man’s Place”. For many years this building used to be an auto repair facility, especially those years when I was growing up here. What’s pretty cool is the current building owner has maintained the look and feel of the old profession while turning it into a great place to get a haircut and shave.

A Man’s Place Reception Area

I asked Mark if he’d allow me to make his photo after he finished my cut yesterday. It was a quick setup and one snap of the shutter as he had three more customers waiting and it was getting close to his quitting time.

The view from “A Man’s Place”

As a side note and as you may have noticed by the sudden new activity here on the blog, I’ve decided to wipe the dust off the Leica and start making photography a part of my daily life again.

7 thoughts on “Visit to “A Man’s Place”

    1. Thank you Don! I got frustrated with changes Adobe made with their Cloud transition. I plan on a review of my challenges with IOS, LR CC and keeping a consolidated photo library. BTW, the latest update to LR RAW converter and Classic app has improved the default rendering from my ancient CCD based camera that turns 6 this month.


      1. Duane, I get it. I use the classic desktop version and not the cloud version. I have everything backed up on hard drives. I’m comfy this way.


  1. Good to see you sharing images again!

    Re: your Adobe frustration, I switched to CaptureOne Pro and really like it compared to Lightroom. Not sure how it does with Leica files but with the latest release it renders my Fuji raw images beautifully. Of course, I still pay for an adobe CC subscription so I can have Photoshop… whaddayagunnado?


    1. Thanks Michael. I have CaptureOne Pro 11 but just couldn’t get my mind around the differences. It handles the Leica files very well but I guess I didn’t want to put the time in to learn another system. It feels good to press the shutter more often now.


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