A Day Flying Up and Down the West Coast

When I got to my hotel room late yesterday afternoon early evening and after flying 4 legs I was not up to going through the images I captured. I began the day waking up to my alarm at 0400 as depicted by the photograph I posted last evening. The Renaissance Las Vegas hotel was quiet and surprisingly not very busy for what I thought would be a busy week there. No surprise at 0500 there wasn’t a line at the hotel checkout counter! We hired another Lyft to get us back to the airport to get our busy day started.

Renaissance Hotel Foyer
Renaissance Hotel Christmas Tree
Renaissance Hotel
Renaissance Hotel Bar/Grill

The sun was not up. The high desert air was cool but not uncomfortably so. We got off a little late as our passengers arrived about the time we were scheduled to depart and they had an endless amount of luggage too.

My Bose Headphones

I prefer west coast flying to the east as it’s usually not as busy and the weather is much more predictable! Today was no different even though our first leg had us flying to Reno, Nevada located in the mountains.

From there we flew back south to Van Nuys, California to fly passengers back over to Las Vegas. When our day began earlier in the morning, it was looking like we were going to end the day at the John Wayne Santa Ana airport. I have a family member and friends that live in the area I could possibly call but you never know if that’s how the day will go.

Sure enough, once the day got going our final leg changed. Before leaving Van Nuys, CA for Las Vegas our last leg changed to go from Las Vegas to Oakland, CA. Once we got our passengers off in Las Vegas and I’m inputting our flight plan to Oakland (oh yea, after getting to Oakland we were going to go by ground transportation over to San Francisco to crew another airplane the following day) the company called and put a kibosh on the Oakland leg.

Las Vegas

On the way over to Las Vegas from SoCal the route gives one a good view of the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility.

Ivanpah Solar Power Facility

They decided they needed the bird back over at Van Nuys for another crew. So by the time I got to the hotel I decided to relax and grab a meal as we had another brief for today. Like I said you never know how your day is going to go.

Netjets Van Nuys
Hilton Woodland Hills
View from my room Hilton Woodland Hills

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