Buenos Aires in Three Hours

In yesterday’s blog post I mentioned I had a late night departure and was concerned with the possibility of snow. Well, the snow arrived in time to affect our drive from the hotel to the airport about 12 miles up the road. It had been misting earlier in the day and the roads had turned out to be very slippery as the the temperature had dropped below freezing. The wind picked up as well and was blowing the snow across the road.

We left early enough to grab a bite of dinner at the Pellston Regional Airport. I was surprised to see so many people, mainly families, at the airport having dinner. I’m not familiar with the area and assume there aren’t that many places to eat out. The food and service was excellent and it hit the spot before departing for Chicago O’Hare to pick-up our additional passengers before heading here to Buenos Aires. These two guys were on display at the airport:

Deer at Pellston Airport

Like I said, the weather was horrible there in Pellston as the wind was gusting to over 20 knots and we had to de-ice the aircraft before departing. Once we got airborne you could feel a bit of relief but our next challenge would be dealing with the same scenario upon our arrival to Chicago O’Hare. Fortunately, in the hour flight to Chicago the weather there had dissipated and was not a problem.

We got our two additional passengers loaded, filled the tanks with almost 5,000 gallons of fuel and pointed the aircraft south for Buenos Aires. We departed a few minutes early prior to our 10 PM scheduled takeoff time and the flight plan had us arriving to Buenos Aires a little over 10 hours later. A long all night flight.

The flight was uneventful and we landed around 11 AM this morning. Once we had the passengers deplaned, aircraft serviced and cleaned we headed to our hotel for our one night stay.

Van ride to hotel

After checking in to my room I made the photo of the room and the view out my window.

My normal routine is to get my uniform ready for the next day and unpack my essentials before doing anything else. Once that was finished I took a long hot shower to rejuvenate the body and mind before grabbing a couple hours sleep. We are staying at the Hilton Buenos Aires and its in a great location. I knew I wanted to get out for a walk to grab some photos. By the way, the weather was incredible today with a high in 80s fahrenheit with hardly a cloud in the sky.

The following photos are from my over 2 hour walk in the area of the Hilton where I’m staying.

When I returned to the hotel from the walk and as I passed through the lobby I made this photo of the hotel bar:

I made my way to the hotel’s Executive Lounge and enjoyed some hors d’oeuvres and of course a cold beer!

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