Travel to Rochester New York

I traveled to Rochester, NY yesterday to begin rotation for work.  At the moment as I look out my hotel window, the sun is trying to peak through the clouds but the outside air temperature is not budging above 20 degrees F today.  I fly out tonight for another “all nighter” and would have liked to have had time to see some things here in Rochester.  May have to put a tick on the map and remember to make this a future place to visit.  My camera has some history here as the original digital sensor created for my camera was a joint endeavor with Kodak and Leica.  If I had time today “The George Eastman Museum” would have been Number One on my list of places to see.  So a few photos to get a flavor of my day as I made my way from Dayton International Airport with a connection in Detroit before arriving to here in Rochester, NY.

3 thoughts on “Travel to Rochester New York

    1. Hi Michael, you have some awesome portrait photography on your website and thank you for your gracious comment. I don’t know why you’d be asking me about white balance/color accuracy! But to answer your question, I’d have to say photographing with the Leica M9/M-E with the CCD sensor can be a challenge. If time permits, I try to use a WhiBal card to create a custom white balance setting in camera. I can’t remember when but I’ve also added a UV/IR cut filter to my lenses and I think its helped with the camera’s color accuracy. And finally, the latest desktop version of Lightroom’s (Classic CC) Calibration Process version 5 seems to have improved my RAW files. Depending on the light, I can sometimes get what I like right out of the camera but most of the time I’m waving the White Balance Selector in Lightroom around on the photo to pick what I like as the correct color!

      I’m sure it matters to the true professionals out there that have the latest desktop systems with the specialized monitors but I do all my work on a 2017 MacBook Pro 15″ that I profile the screen with the Spyder 5 Pro. I believe this has helped out too in getting what I think looks right in the images I’ve captured.

      Again thank you for stopping by Michael.


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