A Morning in Philadelphia

I woke this morning to sunshine and a little breeze in the air. It almost felt like San Diego, yet here I was in downtown Philadelphia on a gorgeous Sunday morning. Before leaving the hotel, I checked in with my company as I was on hotel duty for the day, before stepping out to enjoy a morning walk. My first stop was across the street from the hotel to grab a coffee and pastry from the one of the many Starbucks in the city. I don’t normally order straight black coffee from Starbucks but I did this morning. I about burnt my mouth the first sip and immediately went back to the counter and had a few ice cubes added. Wow, no way to start the day not being able to enjoy the sweet taste of your danish after burning your mouth!

Then it was off to scout the streets of Philly. I headed down to Rittenhouse Square to see what was happening there. There was an art show going on for the weekend and had a chance to observe a lot of different art work. From the park, I made it a leisurely walk not really looking for anything special. I just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere of the city as it began to come to life on a Sunday morning. Of course, I dropped in to the Apple Store along the way not even expecting to see one and across the street is Holt’s Cigars. I had to pay a visit there too. I’m not one to startup a conversation with strangers but I ventured out of my comfort zone a bit and had some great conversations in both locations.

While was wondering over to Franklin Square my company iPhone began to buzz and it only meant one thing….I was no longer getting to stay in Philly for the rest of the day. I had 30 minutes to get back to the hotel, pack and catch a limo to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. As I write this I’m sitting at another hotel desk in Bermuda for the night. Go figure!

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