Nobody on the Road …

Took a short spin on the Beemer this morning before the temps got out of control. While heading down one of my favorite local roads, Don Henley’s song “The Boys of Summer” and the first verse of the song “Nobody on the Road” came over my Bluetooth Cardo communication system. I immediately thought of this photograph that I made four years ago on an Iceland road trip with my son.

The song also reflects my motorcycle rides the past few months during this “pandemic” we’ve been experiencing. I’ve put a few miles on the bike during this time and it was a pleasure driving those miles with little to zero traffic. Like the song begins, “Nobody on the Road”.

4 thoughts on “Nobody on the Road …

  1. That is one of my all time favourite tunes I love the lyrics very evocative and longing for something sadly passed, and not just the love story it’s a wider view than that I’m sure.

    My own favourite section

    Out on the road today
    I saw a deadhead sticker on a cadillac
    A little voice inside my head said:
    “Don’t look back, you can never look back”


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