I’ve just begun my Travel Photo Blog and as I have time I plan on providing my thoughts on different subject matters I’m interested in.  I will post those thoughts here as time goes on.

One review I plan on covering is the new Ricoh GXR camera I’ve recently purchased.  I’ve just received the camera and have not had time yet to thoroughly investigate all the features and those that I plan on incorporating into my daily use of the camera.

I look forward to any comments that these reviews may garner.


7 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Hi Duane!!

    I just stumbled upon your blog….. & your photos are fantastic!!! My dream is travel photography…. & your photos just reminds me again why!!! Can’t wait to see the places you visit & the photographs that you will show us!! Thank you for sharing your experiences!! 🙂 **

    Xandré 🙂 **


  2. Thank you Xandré for your kind comments. My job can take me anywhere in the world and I hope to take advantage of these opportunities as they happen. I’ve mainly started this blog to display the photos I take with the Ricoh GRD III and the Ricoh GXR that I’ve recently purchased. I found that I seldom take my DSLR out anymore as I’ve found its size to be overbearing for travel.


  3. Hi Duane

    I found your photo blog via Cristian’s one. Just wanted to say your photos are fantastic. Congratulations on the Ricoh photo for the calendar! It’s a great shot. I’ve set your page up so I can follow your posts from my Igoogle page. I look forward to your next posts. 🙂



    1. Sorry I haven’t posted but I’ve been very busy. 16 mile hike on the Art Loeb Trail and then back over to Europe via NY-Barcelona-Rhodos-London-NY. Then day after getting home a 12 hour drive to Philadelphia. So I haven’t had enough time to get through my images to post.


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