Barcelona, Spain in B&W

It really is a small world today with instant communication via the internet and your smart phone. Pretty amazing. And its true too with my visit to Barcelona, Spain.

Two weeks ago I posted my Madrid, Spain series and didn’t think I’d be back to Spain anytime soon. But wouldn’t you know it, my work sent me to Barcelona two weeks later and this is where our world is truly small.

A fellow Ricoh Forum member knew I was going to Madrid and suggested I go by the photography store Fotocasion. I did, and it almost got me into trouble as I found a couple used Leica M lenses that I’ve been interested in adding to my kit. In fact after getting back to my hotel after visiting the store I asked my fellow Ricoh Forum member (who lives in Barcelona) if he might be able to help me with finding more info about the lenses since I didn’t speak Spanish and the salesperson didn’t speak English.

Well I couldn’t believe my ears but Albert asked a friend of his in Madrid to meet with me the next day at the store.  His friend Martin did meet me but that is another story.  Just know that I left Madrid without another lens.

As soon as I found out I was going to Barcelona this past week, I PM’d Albert in Barcelona if he’d like to meet.  Of course, I had no idea what his schedule might be as he has a very successful business and knew that it might be difficult for him to get time on my account.

Albert graciously offered to pick me up at my hotel on Tuesday afternoon and give me a tour of his city.  I landed in Barcelona around 0830 Tuesday morning after flying all night and I grabbed a couple hours of sleep.

(As I was pre-flighting my camera gear in preparation for Albert’s arrival I discovered I had an issue with my Leica Summicron-C 40mm lens. The aperture would not rotate! I was sick. I’m here in Barcelona and my favorite lens/camera combo was inop! Fortunately I carry the Ricoh A12 28mm module and had that to shoot.)

The weather was perfect and Albert was the perfect host.  We began our visit by spending time in the old part of Barcelona.  I had not done enough research on the city but Albert was an excellent tour guide doing his best to get me up to speed on 3,000 years of history.

After a couple hours in the city, Albert took me to the marina where he has a boat.  I had seen some of his photos taken here on the Ricoh Forum and I felt like I’d been here before.  I really enjoyed the harbor and our walk on the boardwalk.

It was now time for dinner and Albert suggested we eat there at the marina and one of his favorite places for paella.  Wow, I had a lovely meal and the paella was perfect.

I finally looked at my watch and let out a gasp!  It was already after 10PM.  What a day!  Albert dropped me back off at my hotel and we said our good byes.  I miss the place already and look forward to when I can visit again.

Old Town Barcelona
Old Town Barcelona | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm
Roman Columns
Roman Columns | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

Store Front | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

Afternoon coffee | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

An old alley | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

Barcelona Graffiti | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

Art Gallery | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

The Boulevard | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

Barcelona Street scene | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

View from the “boat” | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

Marina Boardwalk | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

Fine Dining | Ricoh GXR, A12 28mm

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