Barcelona, Spain | 2012-11-13

Even though we’ve been on the road traveling in our Airstream I still had to go to work.  So while we were staying in San Diego for a month I flew two work rotations from there.  On November 11th my company had me airline to the NY area for a trip to Barcelona, Spain.  I emailed a fellow Ricoh GXR shooter Albert who lives there that I’d be coming through and asked if we may get together again.  I’d been to Barcelona this past summer and had a great visit with Albert and hoped to see him again.

I arrived to Barcelona the morning of the 13th after flying all night from NY.  I grabbed a few hours sleep after getting to the hotel and woke around 4 in the afternoon.  Albert asked me what I thought I’d like to do.  Of course with the winter sun being much lower this time of year, day photography was out of the question.  So I suggested we go to the the camera store he’d taken me before when I last visited.

I’ve been very happy with my current hardware but am fascinated and dream to have a couple more different focal length lenses to attach to my GXR.  Since I don’t live near a camera store its a real treat to visit one that stocks Leica and Zeiss lenses that will work on the Ricoh GXR M mount.

Albert picked me up at the Hilton hotel where I was staying we headed to the store.  While there I had a chance to try several different lenses that I had never had on the camera but only read about.  They included the Zeiss ZM 21mm, 25mm, and 50mm Sonnar.  All beautiful lenses.  I also got a chance to mount a used Leica Tri-Elmar 28-35-50 mm f/4 aspherical lens.  This is a discontinued lens and was made from 1998 – 2007.  Its a very compact lens and its not a zoom lens so to speak but does have the three different focal lengths.  An amazing lens.  Leica still makes the Leica’s 16-18-21 Wide Angle Tri Elmar which currently sells for  $4,950.00, if you can find one in stock.

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