Epic Jet Center | Bakersfield

Epic Jet Center
Pilot Lounge Epic Jet Center | Ricoh GXR-M, Leica Summicron 35mm v2

My first trip to Bakersfield, California. I think Epic Jet Center has a pretty cool design for their lobby. The main hallway has portholes like on an airplane.

As I continue to make the transition to Lightroom one of my main concerns those that I had heard from other Aperture users about making a switch to Lightroom was how your images are stored/filed.

Those of you using Aperture probably know that Aperture’s default way to handle your images is what they call “managed”. By default, your images are stored in the Aperture Library file within the Pictures folder. You then organize your images in Aperture by creating different Projects. However, you can also have Aperture “reference” your images in their own folders on your computer. This is pretty much the method that Lightroom uses.

Instead of using Projects in Aperture to name and organize the images you would setup a folder structure on your hard drive and name those folders in the same way you would name the projects in Aperture. Lightroom then references those files.

One of the things I’m excited about as I make this move is I’m able to remove my images from the Aperture “Managed” Library into a Folder structure that I’m referencing in Lightroom and those same files are still being referenced by Aperture too. This way as I continue adding images to Lightroom I’m not using any additional hard drive space in the transition.

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