Leica Summicron 35mm v2 | Time to Say Goodbye

Southern California Coastline | Leica M-E, Leica Summicron 35mm v2

I took this photo today on my departure from John Wayne airport while flying Delta Airlines to Atlanta.  I’ve been shooting with my 40 year old Summicron for several months.  When attached to my Ricoh GXR the lens acts like a 50mm lens.  Now that I’ve been shooting with my M-E I miss the 50m FOV.

So this week at work I decided to sell this one and find a 50mm lens to replace it.  The new buyer is all the way in the UK.

The 50 replacement lens arrived while I was away this week and will begin shooting with it tomorrow.  We have a cold front blowing through this evening and I hope there might be a nice sunrise in the morning.

Check back tomorrow for a whole different look coming out of the camera.

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