Rain rain please go away

Asheville Airport
Asheville Airport

On my way to work and I think its rained almost everyday this past week.

5 thoughts on “Rain rain please go away

    1. That’s a good question fateuser! I don’t have an actual count of the number of airline flights I’ve flown in the past year. But I can give you a “ballpark” figure. I work a week on week off schedule and the my company buys me an airline ticket to get me to the airport where the aircraft they want to crew is located. You see we don’t have a base per se. As an example I’ve commercially flown all the way to Beijing to start my work week.

      So I fly at least 100 airline segments a year to get to my job. On the job in the past year I flew over 121 segments.


        1. I can remember one week when I flew commercially to London to start my week. I then crewed an aircraft back to the NY area. Then flew on another commercial airline to West Palm Beach. Flew a trip back over to Europe and then flew commercially back home to end my week.

          I’ve also done a trip where I flew commercially to Nice, France. Then flew a trip to Shanghai and Anchorage and then airlined home. (8>)


          1. Holy s***!!! Seriously, if you wanted to leave me speechless, bravo! You did it!

            Actually I’ve just been traveling around Europe and last year I was in Mexico. Which European countries have you been in?


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