My View – San Francisco

My Window View
My Window View

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever tire of a view like this. Of course, I prefer the view from up front when I’m the one in control. But I don’t mind when I have a nice window seat, which I prefer, and the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

So you other travelers out there, what seat do you prefer? Window or Aisle?

9 thoughts on “My View – San Francisco

    1. You’re right Sarah. I’m getting close to that age when many are retiring yet I know when I do these views I will truly miss. A fellow pilot friend of mine recently quipped that when in elementary school his teacher had to frequently get his attention as she often found him staring out the window. Well, I think he has the last laugh as our view out the window can be quite exceptional.


      1. I saw a quote similar to that recently where the boy always stared out the window and the teacher said that staring out the window would never get him anywhere. and then it showed a picture of a pilot from the cockpit- staring out the window. definitely the last laugh with that one! I want to get my pilot’s license someday- just for fun. I think it would be awesome to fly often.


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